Visual Communication Portfolio Workshop

Participants will learn to produce a high quality portfolio, which should include visual communication and other features that is required by design sectors. Participants will be guided on how to prepare a professional portfolio in order of importance, starting from the list of the works that should be included, according to the targeted sector.

Children`s Book Illustration and Character Design Workshop

The aim of this program is to elevate the drawing skills to a higher level, to improve character design skills, and to prepare for the animation design studies.

Painting Workshop for Children with Cemal Toy

Art education teaches to see the beauty and aesthetic values. While studying art in a group, children also learn to identify themselves and develop their imagination, thus improving their social skills that positively shape their personality. Arts learning also feeds an emotional and conscientious intelligence.

School of Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art (Advanced Level)

This workshop will focus on teaching various techniques of structural design of the decagonal patterns. Click on this poster for details.

School of Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art (Basic-Intermediate Level)

This workshop will be based on geometric patterns in Islamic art at the basic and intermediate level, where various techniques will be introduced to produce decagonal pattern design.

Film School with Enver Gülşen

This program aims to educate participants to be intellectually familiar with the Western, Eastern and Islamic arts and literature; to be able to analyse world film history and film movements, and to establish relationship between tradition and film art.

Sketching Workshop with Canan Atmaca

Photography Workshop

Starting from basics of photography, the course will focus on the practice of theoretical education. Different kinds techniques will be applied to teach the theory through practice. To produce better photo-works with creativity and precision. On the other hand, an opportunity to transform a hobby into profession.

Ebru Workshop with Eda S. Özbekkangay

Ebru art is the oldest and most special Turkish paper decorating marbling art applied on the surface of specially prepared dense water, spreading the dyes and dispersing them in different textures.

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