School of Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art (Advanced Level)

Decagonal Patterns in Islamic Art (Advanced Level)

This is second course devoted specifically to the structural design of decagonal patterns. It is not a simple course and you should take it only if you passed an introductory course, preferably the Decagonal Patterns Basic-Intermediate Level. The course will cover a few techniques that can be used to produce large decagonal patterns. Below are listed some of the possible topics that may be covered in this course. The exact list of topics will be decided during the course depending on the participants’ knowledge of geometry and drawing skills. Most of the designs in this course are complex patterns with large number of elements. This, unfortunately, will limit the number of examples produced in this course. One of the possible solutions for this issue can be a collective design of some major examples. A number of examples used in this course are taken from the Topkapi Scroll and existing places in Turkey.

1. A brief revision of decagonal patterns styles;

2. Kukeldash Madrasah style of patterns and the ‘give away and take’ pattern design technique;

3. The pattern from the St. George Church in Istanbul and the 'walking pentagons' technique;

4. The Topkapı Scroll inflation technique;

5. The ‘pinecone’ inflation technique;

6. Some other techniques for large scale decagonal designs.

One of the outcomes of the course could be an exhibition of a few large scale pattern(s) made by teams of 2-4 participants. The exhibition can be organized at the end of the last day of the course.

Tools and materials – usually IDC provides all drawing tools and materials for the registered course participants. However you may feel more comfortable if you decide to use your favorite drawing tools and paper. Thus consider bringing with you your own drawing set (A3 or larger), your favorite tools and selection of good quality A3 paper.

Due to the difficulty level of the advanced workshop, only those who have attended the basic and intermediate levels of this workshop, will be selected to participate.

Workshop schedule:

25 - 29 March, 2019 from 09:30 - 16:00 daily.

Participants: architects, mathematics teachers and students, artists.

Course language: English

Miroslaw Majewski

Miroslaw Majewski (Prof. Dr) New York Teknoloji Enstitüsü'nde eski bir (eğitim görevlisi) profesördür. Şu anda, NYIT Onursal/Fahri Profesörü olarak görev yapmaktadır. Matematik için sanat ve teknolojinin geometrisinde uzun yıllar araştırma yapmıştır. Çok sayıda kitabın ve yayının yazarıdır. (Çalışmaların çoğu desen geometrisi ile ilgilidir). Pek çok geometrik desenin tasarımcısıdır. Bazıları iyi bilinen desenlerin rekonstrüksiyonlarıdır, bazıları ise tamamen yenidir.)