Perspective in Painting and in Design

Perspective is a technique of drawing a three-dimensional visual effect of the object and space onto a two- dimensional surface of paper, using specific techniques, in the form and position that objects are seen. The program is for those who have difficulty drawing the basic perspective drawing techniques.

Visual Communication Design

The program’s main objective is to educate designers to gain professional skills for visual communication field (Graphic Design - Advertising). Students with different design backgrounds also will benefit from the additional training in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign software programs.

Art and Artistic Excursions with Ismail Erdogan

In this program, while focusing on the theoretical issues and historical evolution of art, during field studies with visits to museums and historical sites it will be witnessed how art embodied in life.

Sketching Workshop with Artist Canan Atmaca

In this program artist Ms. Canan Atmaca will teach detailed perspective content of drawing space, designing objectsmin space, colouring and toning. Participation is open to students of architecture and fine arts, as well as to those who wants to improve their painting skills.

Painting Workshop with Artist Cemal Toy

This year at the Painting Workshop with painter/artist Cemal Toy the colour and paint applying techniques will be practiced in tutorials, teaching the development stages of art and painting art. The program is aimed at forming an artistic point of view in styling collage and different visual techniques with original approaches.

Workshop on Landscape Sketching Techniques with Artist Ahmet Öğreten

Those studying architecture, interior and landscape architecture, fine arts, and those interested painting and drawing will form a solid foundation for their work by practicing the correct perspective expressions from architectural and landscape projects to art painting applications with trees and plant arrangements using charcoal and watercolour techniques.

5 Days 5 Design Workshop for Children

The Istanbul Design Center`s annual program for children aged 8-14, where for 5 days we introduce 5 different design disciplines with following workshops: Ceramics, Original Calligraphy, Geometric Patterns, Short Film, and Painting.

3D Max and V-ray Course

This course will focus on the basics of 3D Max and V-ray visualization software program tutorials and lessons to create realistic images.

Autumn School of Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art with Prof. Majewski

A unique opportunity to learn theory and methodology created by the presenter after many years of his research in Central Asian scientific literature (mostly in Russian), resources in museums and archaeological sites of Central Asia and Turkey, discussions with scientists from Uzbekistan and Iran.

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