School of Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art

Within the School of the Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art with Prof. Miroslaw Majewski, the educational program will cover the `Introduction to Decagonal Patterns` and `Geometric Patterns from the Topkapı Scroll`.

Workshop on Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art

This program will focus on the principles of the Islamic geometric art that will help students understand the geometric backgrounds. Students will learn how to draw a wide variety of patterns and the methods of pattern construction.

`5 Days of 5 Design` Workshop for Children

The Istanbul Design Center`s annual program for children aged 7-13, where for 5 days we introduce 5 different design disciplines in workshops: Ceramics, Ebru Marbling Art, Illumination, Ingenious Hands, and Painting.

Jewellery Workshop with Fatma Nur Bayraktar

If you are committed to it and if you no longer want it as a hobby only, if you want to learn from the master of this art, we are waiting for you at our jewellery atelier courses to learn how to make your own original jewellery with Wax Modeling and Enamelling techniques.

Illumination Workshop with Şeyma Çınar

On the historical journey of Illumination Art, in order to produce new designs nurtured by its past, we want to be instrumental in providing these studies with the aim to pass the tradition onto the future generations.

Photography Workshop with Mete Yurdaün

Starting from basics, the course will focus on theoretical education through application of different techniques in practice. To learn to capture better photo-works with creativity and precision, and an opportunity to transform a hobby into profession.

School of Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art (Basic-Intermediate Level)

In this course we will cover methods of designing geometric patterns from the scrolls of architects from medieval and later times. We will look mostly into the scrolls of architects from Central Asia, especially the scrolls from Bukhara and Samarkand.

Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art (foundational-level)

The workshop will focus on the fundamental concepts of proportion and relations between different patterns.

Sketching Workshop with Canan Atmaca

In this program students will learn detailed content of drawing perspective, space, designing objects in space, colouring and toning. Participation is open to students of architecture and fine arts, as well as to those who wish to improve their sketching skills.

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