İlhami Atalay Students` Painting Exhibition

Painter İlhami Atalay has trained the young talents at the IDC painting workshop with his knowledge and experience in art life for over 50 years. `İlhami Atalay Students` Painting Exhibition` is currently open for visitors at the IDC displaying the artworks of his students.

International Calligraphist Exhibition

The Istanbul Design Center is hosting an international exhibition, where the works of world famous writing masters will be showcased that are brought together by the Traditional Arts Academy within the Küçükçekmece District Municipality of Istanbul.

Original Calligraphy Exhibition

Calligrapher Ms.Gülnihal Gul Mamat together with her students at the Istanbul Design Center (IDC) have prepared their art-work for an `Original Calligraphy Exhibition` to be held at the IDC from 15 - 30 October, 2016.


The 3rd International Exhibition on Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art will be realized within the frames of the workshop to be held at the Istanbul Design Center between 26 Sept - 09 Oct 2016.

`Hidden in Water` Jewellery and Accessories Exhibition

We have started this journey by pouring out our different ideas and dreams onto paper, and then expressing it with silver, bronze and copper...

The SECRET of the CRAFT Jewellery-Accessories Exhibition

From the atelier of Fatma Nur Bayraktar the jewellery-accessories exhibition titled ‘The Secret of the Craft’ will be presented to the art enthusiasts at the Istanbul Design Center between 30 May - 6 June, 2015.

'Meşk Ebru' Exhibition (Ebru: Turkish Art of Paper Marbling)

The Turkish Ebru artist Mahmoud Peşteli and his students' art-work was displayed at the 'Meşk Ebru’ Exhibition at IDC between 22-29 May, 2015.

The 40 Golden Blessed Hadith

The illuminator artist Ms. Safiye Ocakli and a calligrapher Mr. Mehmet Arif Vural have prepared their work for the exhibition "40 Golden Blessed Hadith”.The exhibition was open to public at the Istanbul Design Center between May 2-2, 2015.

‘Mirror’ Charcoal Drawing Exhibition

Fikriye Karaman had presented her abstract charcoal drawings in her 4th personal exhibition titled "MIRROR", which took place at the Istanbul Design Center.

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