Sketching Workshop

The program is suitable for architects, designers, students of architecture and painting, and for all those who wish to learn how to transfer 3D visuals onto 2D plane by hand sketching.

Short Film Workshop

This educational program was designed for those who pursue studies in short film and animation, in order to choose the desireble branch of further studies in film industry to be able to contribute an efficient work in this field.

M. C. Escher Workshop

The workshop examined M. C. Escher works with a multidisciplinary approach that include such subjects as mathematics, architecture, graphic design, and painting. 04.07.2012

Architectural Visualization with 3D MAX

An educational program for anyone who wish to develop further acquiring new skill using 3D MAX in the fields of architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and even designers.

5 Day 5 Design Workshop for Children

The IDC`s annual educational program for children aged 10-14 years, where they learn about 5 different disciplines of design and art throughout 5 days and in the process make their own art works.

Cinema Sociology Critics

The Istanbul Design Center periodically hosts the Cinema Sociology Critics program, where memebers watch a chosen film together to examine later during the critical discussion within relevant subject.

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