İlhami Atalay Painting Workshop

For the creation of contemporary geometric style of Islamic Art, a group work will be conducted merging around certain philosophy. In order to cultivate an innovative artist in a shortest time period within certain philosophy and methods: in this study the artist/painter İlhami Atalay will transfer his soul, energy and excitement to young talents.

Istanbul Film Contemplation Program

This program aims to educate participants to be intellectually familiar with the Western, Eastern and Islamic arts and literature; to be able to analyse world film history and film movements, and to establish relationship between tradition and film art.

Painting Workshop for Children with Artist Cemal Toy

Art education teaches to see the beauty and aesthetic values. While studying art in a group, children also learn to identify themselves and develop their imagination, thus improving their social skills that positively shape their personality. Arts learning also feeds an emotional and conscientious intelligence.

Art `Ya Hu`

The aim of this program is to ask new questions on the track of the ancient questions. To multiply the questions. Every answer is a new question and starting from the principle that decision making ceases thinking: to be on the path and to love the journey, and to popularize this path.

Applied Photography Workshop

Starting from basics of photography, the course will focus on the practice of theoretical education. Different kinds techniques will be applied to teach the theory through practice. To produce better photo-works with creativity and precision. On the other hand, an opportunity to transform a hobby into profession.

Social Media Visual Design Workshop

In order to be active in social media and to influence the viewer, it is imperative to attract the attention effectively. Only good visuals attract attention and people can not pass by without looking at them. If you have good ideas and want to share it with people: we can show you how you can do it better.

Art and Artistic Excursions with Ismail Erdogan

In this program, while focusing on the theoretical issues and historical evolution of art, during field studies with visits to museums and historical sites it will be witnessed how art embodied in life. 10 Feb - 12 May, 2018

Applied Basic Design Workshop

The program aims to develop design-related perceptions and sensitivities by introducing design elements and principles to those studying or planning to study architecture, interior design, industrial design and graphic design. 3 March - 12 May, 2018

Character Design

The aim of the workshop is to develop the characters design drawing skills to a higher level and to prepare for an advanced education in animation drawing. To prepare the necessary foundation for professionalization in this field by adding more to the existing knowledge and skills.

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