Preparatory Course for Fine Arts Studies

The artist Canan Atmaca prepares students for their annual admission exams for the Fine Arts studies by focusing on: perspective, anatomy, figure, object, tone, and colour techniques. 26 May-04 Aug., 2018.

Jewellery Design Workshop

Study the Metal Clay, Enamelling and Wax Modelling techniques to design your own exclusive jewellery and accessory pieces. If you are willing to commit and if you no longer want it as a hobby only, if you want to learn from the master of this art.

For those who are LOOK-ING for something different in Traditional Turkish Arts

The program under 7 main sub-headings that focus on the possible issues to be encountered during the artist’s development and production process that are related to the substructure and individual solutions of these issues.

Ebru Workshop with Eda S. Özbekkangay

Ebru art is one of the oldest and most special Turkish paper decoration arts applied on the surface of specially prepared dense water, spreading the dyes and dispersing them in different textures.

Sketching Workshop with Canan Atmaca

In this program students will learn detailed perspective content of drawing space, designing objects in space, colouring and toning. Participation is open to students of architecture and fine arts, as well as to those who wish to improve their painting skills.

İlhami Atalay Painting Workshop

For the creation of contemporary geometric style of Islamic Art, a group work will be conducted merging around certain philosophy. In order to cultivate an innovative artist in a shortest time period within certain philosophy and methods: in this study the artist/painter İlhami Atalay will transfer his soul, energy and excitement to young talents.

Istanbul Film Contemplation Program

This program aims to educate participants to be intellectually familiar with the Western, Eastern and Islamic arts and literature; to be able to analyse world film history and film movements, and to establish relationship between tradition and film art.

Painting Workshop for Children with Artist Cemal Toy

Art education teaches to see the beauty and aesthetic values. While studying art in a group, children also learn to identify themselves and develop their imagination, thus improving their social skills that positively shape their personality. Arts learning also feeds an emotional and conscientious intelligence.

Art `Ya Hu`

The aim of this program is to ask new questions on the track of the ancient questions. To multiply the questions. Every answer is a new question and starting from the principle that decision making ceases thinking: to be on the path and to love the journey, and to popularize this path.

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