Children`s Book Illustration and Character Design Workshop with Ahmet Öğretmenen and M. Ahmet Demir

The aim of this program is to elevate the drawing skills to a higher level, to improve character design skills, and to prepare for the animation design studies.

Paper Art Workshops

One of the world champions of International Origami Olympiad, Kunsulu Jilkishiyevna will conduct a workshops on Quilling (Paper Curling Art), Origami (Paper Folding Art) and Gülzira Kozhanazar on Ribbon Embroidery.

Jewellery Design Workshop with Fatma Nur Bayraktar

Study the Metal Clay, Enamelling and Wax Modelling techniques to design your own exclusive jewellery and accessory pieces. If you are willing to commit and if you no longer want it as a hobby only, if you want to learn from the master of this art.

4th International Workshop on Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art

Organized jointly by the Istanbul Design Center and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality the 4th International Workshop on Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art will be realized in Istanbul under the theme `Geometric Patterns in Wood and Çini Tile`.

Watercolour Techniques Workshop

In this program participants will learn how to draw directly with watercolour using various techniques to interpret and synthesize the views of city and nature. Regardless of the level of knowledge, every participant will be guided in one-to-one tutorials by the instructor.

Original Calligraphy Workshop with Gülnihal Gül Mamat

In this program the students will learn basics of the Kufic calligraphy, and how to create their own original designs with it. Kufic style is an ancient writing script of the Holy Qur`an; Islam`s first writing type and the starting point of the calligraphy styles.

One Day of Metal Clay Workshop with Fatma Nur Bayraktar

For those who hear the METAL CLAY for the first time! For those who have already heard but have not had the opportunity to attend and practice! With this one-day program, learn the secret of Metal Clay, and make your own jewellery or accessory piece within the same day you design it at the IDC on 21 July, 2018

Ebru Workshop with Eda S. Özbekkangay

Ebru art is one of the oldest and most special Turkish paper decoration arts applied on the surface of specially prepared dense water, on which the design is made by spreading the dyes using special techniques preserved through centuries.

IDC School of Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art with Prof. Majewski

A unique opportunity to learn theory and methodology created by the presenter after many years of his research in Central Asian scientific literature (mostly in Russian), resources in museums and archaeological sites of Central Asia and Turkey, discussions with scientists from Uzbekistan and Iran.

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