Preparatory Intensive Course for Fine Arts Studies

Artist and painter Ms. Canan Atmaca will prepare students for the annual admission exams for Fine Arts studies by focusing on: perspective, anatomy, figure, object, tone, and colour techniques.

Jewellery Workshop: Wax Modeling

Starting with the red wax modeling, the most enjoyable of traditional wax modeling techniques for carving out shapes of the desired jewellery pieces and molding it for desired metal casting with precious/semi-precious stones. In this specialization class, students learn how to produce jewellery and accessories using many different types of wax materials.

Jewellery Workshop: Enameling

Enameling is the most valuable amongst the preferred techniques for colouring the metal according to design: by applying the glass dust coloured with metal oxides and then firing it at high temperatures.

Jewellery Workshop: Metal Clay

It is a technique that removes limitations in realm of metal art. Many jewellery designs can be easily produced with metal clay, which would require quite arduous work using classic jewellery techniques. Moreover, with metal clay - there is no need for heavy and expensive machinery.

Character Design Workshop

The aim of this educational program is to train participants to produce character design, by developing drawing style to a higher level to prepare for an education in animation and to add more professionalism to the existing knowledge and skills.

Painting Workshop with Cemal Toy

In this program offers an opportunity of comprehensive training in drawing and painting under instruction of artist and painter Mr.Cemal Toy. Anyone who is committed to the subject is welcome to join.

Special event and solo exhibition in honour of İlhami Atalay

İlhami Atalay is an artist and painter who has dedicated his life to painting. On this journey, he had endured a lot of struggles and had made great sacrifices, without ever giving up on making art.

Photography Workshop

This educational program is prepared to teach more than just the photography theory fundamentals, which satisfy any photography enthusiast in learning all the required knowledge and practice new skills.

Sketching Workshop

THe painter and artist Ms. Canan Atmaca teaches sketching techniques with such applications as a colour, perspective and tone. Participation is open to students of architecture and fine arts, or for anyone interested.

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