International Students Academy Specialization Program 2016

The program is aimed to contribute to the academic studies of the foreign students, who are in Istanbul to further their education in acquiring BA, MA and PhD degrees.

`From Anatolian Seljuki to the Ottoman` Architectural Sketching Workshop

Through sketching the participants have learned how Architect Sinan had built the central domes using square, hexagonal, and octagonal arbour systems.

Preparatory Course for Fine Arts Studies

The program had prepared students for their annual admission exams for Fine Arts studies by focusing on: perspective, anatomy, figure, object, tone, and colour techniques.

The Landscape Sketching Workshop

The program`s aim is to examine through application the expressions in landscape drawings of the trees and vegetative clusters; various angles of elevation and perspective.

Landscape Sketching Workshop

Students have learned applications of correct expressions made in perspective drawings of landscape planning with trees, vegetative clusters, elevation and various angles.

Art and Civilization Workshop

With the Baudelaire`s slogan `If art was useless, so was life` we set out with this workshop, where participants can witness how art meets civilization and gain perspective on what art is good for.

Basics of Applied Photography

The workshop on technical information and practical applicaions in addition to the basic concepts and skills in photogprahy.

Islamic Architecture Sketching Workshop

The workshop theoretically and practically focused on the historical Islamic architectural monuments and on the works built before and after them influenced by subsequent cultures.

Sketching Workshop

This program is ideal for Architects, Designers, Students of Architecture and Painting and for those who are interested in transfering the 3D visuals onto the 2D plane using charcoal, crayon and watercolor techniques.

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