Watercolour Techniques Workshop

With practical studies the students learn about the watercolour as a painting material and the basic techniques of applying it in their art works.

Workshop on Landscape Sketching Techniques

In this program the students learn how to properly express perspective in drawing tree and plant arrangements with charcoal and watercolour, from architectural and landscape to art painting.

Basic Photography Workshop

The18-hour workshop focused on the fundamentals of photography including the technical and practical skills building to train for the photo-composition with the know-how of angle of view.

5 Days 5 Design Workshop for Children

The IDC`s annual program for children aged 8-14, for 5 days introducing 5 different disciplines: Geometric Design in Islamic Art, Cinema & Short Film, Pattern Design, Architecture, and Ceramics.


The students learned the graphics editing program Adobe Photoshop for a more general perspective in visual arts studies.

Islamic Art from the Point to the Dome

We have planned to conduct the workshop for the duration of four weeks, which focused at the Islamic Art with the view of its horizons. August, 2016

Adobe After Effects and Animation Workshop

Animation is an important form of cinema art; with its historical development from past to present, with its techniques and principles create a common field for artists that produce work in various areas.

Short Film Workshop

The IDC`s Istanbul Cinema Center in collaboration with the Beyoğlu District Municipality of Istanbul conducted its 4th semester of training program free of charge, once again.

Workshop on Perspective and Watercolour Techniques

An educational program was prepared to teach Advanced Level Perspective and Watercolour Techniques in two different workshops.

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