Design Workshop with Youth

The monthly program was organized for the students of high school to study various design disciplines free of charge, where instructors teach and give lectures in their field of expertise.

Geometric Patterns Workshop

The program was conducted in a workshop environment within historical context and with samples of application method of the patterns from separate pieces to the entire design.

Ottoman Architecture in Sketches

The workshop was conducted to theoretically and practically examine and to discuss the architectural monuments of the Ottoman civilization and their interaction with the cultures prior and after.

Short Film Workshop

At the Istanbul Cinema Center of the IDC, upon completion of this program the students have made their own short films, and some of them had won awards from national competitions. Nov 22, 2014 - Jan 25, 2015

Original Calligraphy Workshop

The workshop was about the ancient writing style of the Holy Qur’an, the first Islamic print type, and basic rules of the Kufi style of calligraphy that is known as the starting point of the types of Islamic calligraphy.

Preparatory Program for the Fine Arts Studies

The program was designed to prepare the students for the required examination in Fine Arts studies by working on application of perspective, anatomy, figure, object, tone and colour.

Workshop on Architectural Monuments in Islamic History

The workshop focused on the architectural works made in the period of Islamic history, and examined its interactions with previous and subsequent cultures.

Design and Application in Stage and Performing Arts

Eşref and Fatma Büyüksofuğlu had organized a workshop on a Portfolio Presentation of design and application in Stage and Performing Arts.

Graphic Design

The program’s main objective was to train graphic designers to be able to work in the industry of Visual Communication (Graphic Design - Advertising).

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