Original Calligraphy Workshop

The workshop was about the ancient writing style of the Holy Qur’an, the first Islamic print type, and basic rules of the Kufi style calligraphy that is known as the starting point of the types of Islamic calligraphy.

Jewellery – Accessories Exhibition

The students of the jewellery workshop of Fatma Nur Bayraktar at the Istanbul Design Center had prepared an exhibition titled "Istanbul and it’s flowers", where students displayed their work from the workshop studies of 8 months.

'Karagöz and Hacivat' Exhibition

The Istanbul Design Center had hosted the exhibition of ‘Karagöz – Hacivat’ with presentations and traditional show itself, which was organized by the Karagöz and Hacivat expert Hayali Suat Veral.

‘Osmani’ Illumination Exhibition

The Istanbul Design Center hosted an art exhibition of the calligrapher Mehmet Özçay, who had prepared an entire collection with a new style ‘Osmani’, which was found by the calligrapher and illuminator Orhan Dağlı.

Sofiyan 4/4 Photo-Exhibition

The exhibition prepared by the artist Mehmet S. SIRMAÇEKİÇ who invited the visitors on a Sufi culture journey, ‘Sofiyan’ tradition and human-centered truth-seeking through his work captured from the dervishes in motion.

Hasbahçem Ebru Exhibition

The Istanbul Design Center hosted an exhibition ‘Hasbahçem’ (‘My Unique Garden’), where the Ebru artist and a graphic designer Tuba Balcıoğlu displayed her Ebru work (Turkish paper marbling art) in colourful flowers.

Original Calligraphy Exhibition

The IDC hosted an exhibition of beautiful calligraphic art works of various artists and calligraphers with intention to open the doors for the new designs in calligraphy.

The Spring’s Reflection on Art Exhibition

The exhibition featured art works of the Istanbul Women Artists’ Platform in illumination, paper marbling, miniature, book binding. This event was dedicated to the eternal continuity of life and art.

Huruf-u-Aşk Jewellery Exhibition

The designer Yeliz Koçer displayed her jewellery collection inspired by Arabic letters at her exhibition hosted by the IDC.

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