5 Day 5 Design For Children

The IDC`s annual workshop for children aged 8-14 years, where for 5 days children were introduced to 5 different disciplines of art and design. 7-12 Sept, 2015.

The New Generation Jewellery Trends Seminar

On July 11, 2015 we hosted the seminar of our guest speaker from Spain, Jose Luis Fettolini, who is a Creative Director for reputable jewellery and fashion brands in Europe.

Jewellery-Accessories Design Workshop

Jewellery Design Workshop with Metal Clay and Wax Modelling techniques under instruction of jewellery designer Fatma Nur Bayraktar. 25 Feb - 13 May, 2015

Sketching Techniques in Landscape

The program had focused on application of trees and botanical clusters, plan, elevation and from various angles in perspective drawings made especially in landscaping projects.

International Symposium on Cinema and Religion

The event was organized to create an academic knowledge on the subject of `Cinema and Religion` in our country, and to generate ideas through knowledge exchange between scholars and those interested in the field.

Design Workshop with Youth

The monthly program was organized for the students of high school to study various design disciplines free of charge, where instructors teach and give lectures in their field of expertise.

Geometric Patterns Workshop

The program was conducted in a workshop environment within historical context and with samples of application method of the patterns from separate pieces to the entire design.

Ottoman Architecture in Sketches

The workshop was conducted to theoretically and practically examine and to discuss the architectural monuments of the Ottoman civilization and their interaction with the cultures prior and after.

Short Film Workshop

At the Istanbul Cinema Center of the IDC, upon completion of this program the students have made their own short films, and some of them had won awards from national competitions. Nov 22, 2014 - Jan 25, 2015

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