Ahmet Uluçay and Quest for Native Language in Cinema

In search of native language in cinema the filmmaker Ismail Güneş, cinema historian Enver Gülşen, and a poet Güven Adıgüzel will shed light on history of cinema via experiences of filmmaker Ahmet Uluçay.

Dervish Colouring Book

Ms.Serap Ekizler Sonmez`s second book published by Istanbul Design Publications, which consist of her own drawings as postcards that can be coloured and used. For purchase ensarkitap.com

Jewellery Design Workshop

If you are committed to learn about the jewellery design, if you no longer want it as a hobby only, if you want to learn from the master of this art, we are waiting for you at our jewellery atelier courses.

Visual Communication Design (Graphic Design)

The main objective of this regular program is to upring designers that will be working in the field of visual communication (Graphic Design-Advertising).

Art and Civilization Workshop with İsmail Erdoğan

With the Baudelaire`s slogan `If art was useless, so was life` we continue our journey with this workshop, where participants can witness how art meets civilization and gain perspective on what art is good for.

Watercolour Techniques Workshop

With practical studies the students learn about the watercolour as a painting material and the basic techniques of applying it in their art works.

Workshop on Landscape Sketching Techniques

In this program the students learn how to properly express perspective in drawing tree and plant arrangements with charcoal and watercolour, from architectural and landscape to art painting.

Basic Photography Workshop

The18-hour workshop focused on the fundamentals of photography including the technical and practical skills building to train for the photo-composition with the know-how of angle of view.

5 Days 5 Design Workshop for Children

The IDC`s annual program for children aged 8-14, for 5 days introducing 5 different disciplines: Geometric Design in Islamic Art, Cinema & Short Film, Pattern Design, Architecture, and Ceramics.

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