International Calligraphist Exhibition

The Istanbul Design Center is hosting an international exhibition, where the works of world famous writing masters will be showcased that are brought together by the Traditional Arts Academy within the Küçükçekmece District Municipality of Istanbul.

Autumn School of Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art with Prof. Miroslaw Majewski

Jewellery Workshop: Wax Modeling

Starting with the red wax modeling, the most enjoyable of traditional wax modeling techniques for carving out shapes of the desired jewellery pieces and molding it for desired metal casting with precious/semi-precious stones. In this specialization class, students will learn how to produce jewellery and accessories using many different types of wax materials.

Jewellery Workshop: Enameling

Enameling is the most valuable amongst the preferred techniques for colouring the metal according to design: by applying the glass dust coloured with metal oxides and then firing it at high temperatures.

Jewellery Workshop: Metal Clay

It is a technique that removes limitations in realm of metal art. Many jewellery designs can be easily produced with metal clay, which would require quite arduous work using classic jewellery techniques. Moreover, with metal clay - there is no need for heavy and expensive machinery.

The Future and Importance of Design in Human Life

To what extent will we use the design in the future? What is innovation and entrepreneurship? How to be entrepreneurial and innovative? What is the relationship of design between innovation and entrepreneurship? We look forward to see you at this event, where in search of knowledge, together we will look for answers to many more questions regarding this subject.

Character Design Workshop

The aim of this educational program is to train participants to produce character design, by developing drawing style to a higher level to prepare for an education in animation and to add more professionalism to the existing knowledge and skills.

Painting Workshop with Artist Mr. Cemal Toy

In this program, we offer you an opportunity of comprehensive training in drawing and painting by artist Mr.Cemal Toy. Anyone who is committed to the subject is welcome to join.

Photography Workshop

This educational program is prepared to teach more than just the photography theory fundamentals, which will satisfy any photography enthusiast in learning all the required knowledge and practice new skills.

Sketching Workshop with Canan Atmaca

This educational program will teach sketching techniques with such applications as a color, perspective, and tone. Participation is open to students of architecture and fine arts, or for anyone interested.

Visual Effects and Motion Graphics Design

This educational program will help artists and designers to use Adobe After Effects software professionally, which will help them to accomplish more creative work that they could only imagine.

Visual Communication Design

The main objective of this program is to educate designers to gain professional skills for visual communication field (Graphic design - Advertising). Students with different design backgrounds can also benefit from the additional training in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign software programs included in the program.

Connecting Readings

There are some books that are in small volumes but their effect is great. There are some books that are priced lightly but their value is priceless. There are some books that reach its reader with the sacred touch. There are some books that connect every reader to itself. Duration: 22 Feb-10 May 2017, Wednesdays, 18:00-20:00, (12 weeks)

Visual Communication Design for Teachers

In this educational workshop teachers and prospective candidates will learn the necessary fundamentals of Visual Communication Design for being able to produce their own teaching materials to be used in relevant branches of their profession.

Art and Civilization Workshop with İsmail Erdoğan

With the Baudelaire's slogan "If art was useless, so was life" we continue our journey with this workshop, where participants can witness how art meets civilization and gain perspective on what is art good for.

Watercolor Techniques Workshop

In this program, through practical studies, participants will learn about the watercolour as a painting material and basic techniques of how to apply it in creating their artwork. Course will start as of 4 Feb, 2017 (indefinitely) on Saturdays 15:00-18:00

Workshop on Sketching Techniques in Landscape

In this program, participants will learn to use the correct perspective expressions with practices from architectural and landscape projects to art painting applications with trees and plant arrangements using charcoal and watercolor. Course duration: 4 - 25 Feb 2017

Jewellery Workshop

Jewellery designer Fatma Nur Bayraktar will teach how to design and produce original jewellery with Wax Modeling, Metal Clay, and Enamel techniques. Course duration: 16 Jan - 10 Apr 2017

Painting Workshop for Children

Art education teaches to see the beauty and aesthetic values. While studying art in a group, children also learn to identify themselves and develop their imagination. Thus improving their social skills that positively shape their personality.

New Book is Published

The Istanbul Design Publications* have published the first book of Ms.Serap Ekizler Sönmez titled `Pentagonal Geometric Patterns on Minbars of Mimar Sinan`s Mosques`. The book is in Turkish and can be purchased at

Original Calligraphy Exhibition

Calligrapher Ms.Gülnihal Gul Mamat together with her students at the Istanbul Design Center (IDC) have prepared their art-work for an `Original Calligraphy Exhibition` to be held at the IDC from 15 - 30 October, 2016.

Original Calligraphy Workshop

The workshop will cover the basics of the Kufic script; an ancient writing style of the Holy Qur'an; the first Islamic writing type, and the starting point of the calligraphic variaties. Interested individuals are welcome to participate.

3rd International Workshop on Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art

This year`s workshop themed “Patterns Applied on Stone,Wood and Ceramics” jointly organized by the Istanbul Design Center and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, will be realized in Istanbul and in Amasya.


The 3rd International Exhibition on Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art will be realized within the frames of the workshop to be held at the Istanbul Design Center between 26 Sept - 09 Oct 2016.

Dervish Colouring Book

Ms.Serap Ekizler Sonmez`s second book published by Istanbul Design Publications, which consist of her own drawings as postcards that can be coloured and used. For purchase

Art and Civilization Workshop with İsmail Erdoğan

With the Baudelaire's slogan "If art was useless, so was life" we continue our journey with this workshop, where participants can witness how art meets civilization and gain perspective on what is art good for.

`Hidden in Water` Jewellery and Accessories Exhibition

We have started this journey by pouring out our different ideas and dreams onto paper, and then expressing it with silver, bronze and copper...

The Int`l Students Academy Specialization Program 2016

The program is aimed to contribute to the academic studies of the foreign students, who are in Istanbul to further their education in acquiring BA, MA and PhD degrees.