Painting workshop with artist Cemal Toy

We offer an opportunity to be educated by artist Mr.Cemal Toy on painting in his comprehensive art workshop, where anyone committed to painting are welcome to join.

Original Calligraphy Workshop

The workshop will cover the basics of the Kufic script; an ancient writing style of the Holy Qur'an; the first Islamic writing type, and the starting point of the calligraphic variaties. Interested individuals are welcome to participate.

3rd International Workshop on Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art

This year`s workshop themed “Patterns Applied on Stone,Wood and Ceramics” jointly organized by the Istanbul Design Center and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, will be realized in Istanbul and in Amasya.


The 3rd International Exhibition on Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art will be realized within the frames of the workshop to be held at the Istanbul Design Center between 26 Sept - 09 Oct 2016.

Jewellery Design Workshop

If you are committed to learn about the jewellery design, if you no longer want it as a hobby only, if you want to learn from the master of this art, we are waiting for you at our jewellery atelier.

Visual Communication Design (Graphic Design) Program

The main objective of the program is to upring designers that will be working in the field of visual communication (Graphic Design-Advertising).

Basic Photography Workshop

The18-hour workshop will teach the fundamentals of photography including the technical and practical skills building to train for the photo-composition with the know-how of angle of view.

5 Days of 5 Design Workshop for Children

The annual program for children aged 8-14, for 5 days introduces 5 different disciplines with following workshops: Geometric Design in Islamic Art, Cinema & Short Film, Pattern Design, Architecture, and Ceramics.


This course will teach the graphics editing program Adobe Photoshop from a more general perspective, for anyone interested in visual arts studies.

Islamic Art from the Point to the Dome

We have planned to conduct the workshop for the duration of four weeks of August, which will be aimed at looking at the Islamic Art with the view of its horizons.

Adobe After Effects and Animation Workshop

Animation is an important form of cinema art; with its historical development from past to present, with its techniques and principles create a common field for artists that produce work in various areas.

Short Film Workshop

The IDC's Istanbul Cinema Center in collaboration with the Beyoğlu District Municipality of Istanbul will begin its 4th semester providing training program free of charge again.

Workshop on Perspective and Watercolor Techniques

An educational program was prepared to teach Advanced Level Perspective and Watercolor Techniques in two different workshops.

The Int`l Students Academy Specialization Program 2016

The program is aimed to contribute to the academic studies of the foreign students, who are in Istanbul to further their education in acquiring BA, MA and PhD degrees.

Art and Civilization Workshop

With the Baudelaire's slogan "If art was useless, so was life" we set out to do this workshop, where participants can witness how art meets civilization and gain perspective on what is art good for.

Sketching Workshop

This program is ideal for Architects, Designers, Students of Architecture and Painting and for those who are interested in transfering the 3D visuals onto the 2D plane using charcoal, crayon and watercolor techniques.

Workshop on Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art

The program will consist of pattern analysis, followed by discussions in a historical context with application samples from one piece to the whole design process.

Jewellery Design Atelier

The program will consist of two separate parts: first is the "jewellery making with wax modeling technique" and the second is the "original jewellery making with metal clay".

Original Calligraphy Workshop

The workshop will focus on calligraphic design through learning basics of the Kufic form, which is an ancient writing script of the Holy Qur'an; Islam's first writing script and the starting point of the writing styles.

Basics of Graphic Design

The basic level Graphic Design educational program is realized periodically for the beginners in this field.