Cinematic Workshop with Architects

The program focused on the cinema’s significance and meaning in the architectural field, and explored and evaluated the limits of the interaction between the two disciplines.

Architectural Visualization with 3DS MAX

At this program students have learned the basic level of 3DS MAX.

Workshop on Ottoman Architecture

Throughout the program participants had an opportunity to visit and examine the architectural works of Ottoman period, and to complete their own sketching works on sights.

Introduction into Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art

The workshop was presented by the Canadian artist and designer Laurelie Rae, where she had introduced participants to the Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art.

Fashion Design Workshop with Tanju Babacan

The Istanbul Design Center hosted Mr. Tanju Babacan - one of the most competent fashion designers of Turkey, who had realized a workshop based on master-to-apprentice work style to share his skills and talent.

Jewellery and Accessories Design Workshop

Under instruction of jewellery designer Fatma Nur Bayraktar students learn to design and produce jewellery and accessories at the Jewellery Atelier of the Istanbul Design Center.

1st International Workshop on Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art

The 1st International Workshop on Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art was jointly organized by the Istanbul Design Center and the Ümraniye District Münicipality of Istanbul. 23-29 Sept, 2013.

Basics of Graphic Design

The basic level Graphic Design educational program is realized periodically for the beginners in this field.

Jewellery Design with Applied Metal Clay

The educational workshop on jewellery design with metal clay application at the Istanbul Design Center by the jewellery designer Fatma Nur Bayraktar, who is one of the very few metal cay experts in Turkey.

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