Photography Workshop

This educational program is prepared to teach more than just the photography theory fundamentals, which satisfy any photography enthusiast in learning all the required knowledge and practice new skills.

Sketching Workshop

THe painter and artist Ms. Canan Atmaca teaches sketching techniques with such applications as a colour, perspective and tone. Participation is open to students of architecture and fine arts, or for anyone interested.

Visual Effects and Motion Graphics Design

This educational program help artists and designers to use Adobe After Effects software professionally, which help them to accomplish more creative work that they could only imagine.

Visual Communication Design

The main objective is to educate designers to gain professional skills for visual communication field (Graphic design - Advertising). Students with different design backgrounds also benefit from the additional training in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign software programs included in this program.

Techniques for Art Analysis and Critique

This program teaches how to make accurate and objective critique and evaluation of visual art works using various techniques of analysis, data collection and interpretation.

Watercolor Techniques Workshop

In this program, through practical studies, the students learn about the watercolour as a painting material and basic techniques of how to apply it in creating their artwork. Regularly on Saturdays 15:00-18:00

Workshop on Landscape Sketching Techniques

In this program, the students learn to use the correct perspective expressions with practices from architectural and landscape projects to art painting applications with trees and plant arrangements using charcoal and watercolour.

Character Design

The aim of the workshop is to teach participants to develop their animation characters design and drawing skills to a higher level and to prepare them for an advanced education in animation drawing.

Jewellery Workshop

Jewellery designer Fatma Nur Bayraktar teaches intensively how to design and produce original jewellery with Wax Modeling, Metal Clay, and Enamelling techniques.

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