Connecting Readings

There are some books that are in small volumes but their effect is great. There are some books that are priced lightly but their value is priceless. There are some books that reach its reader with the sacred touch. There are some books that connect every reader to itself. Duration: 22 Feb-10 May 2017, Wednesdays, 18:00-20:00, (12 weeks)

Visual Communication Design for Teachers

In this educational workshop teachers and prospective candidates will learn the necessary fundamentals of Visual Communication Design for being able to produce their own teaching materials to be used in relevant branches of their profession.

Art and Civilization Workshop with İsmail Erdoğan

With the Baudelaire`s slogan `If art was useless, so was life` we continue our journey with this workshop, where participants can witness how art meets civilization and gain perspective on what is art good for.

Short Film Workshop Students Film Screening

The Istanbul Design Center in collaboration with the Esenler District Municipality have realized the "Short Film Workshop Student Film Screening " on 19 May, 2015 at the Kadir Topbaş Art and Culture Center.

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