One Day Ebru Workshop with Children

Children will learn the secrets of paper marbling art, accompanied by the magical dance of colors on the surface of the water, and will be able to make their own Ebru art work using their creativity and imagination.

Commemoration Program for `Fatma Rikkat Kunt`

Fatma Rikkat Kunt (1903-1986) Illumination Art master and teacher, who had breathed air into the dissappearing treasures of an ancient civilization.

Character Animation Education

The `Animation School` begins at the Istanbul Design Center (affiliated with Ensar Foundation), with the financial support from the Istanbul Development Agency, where selected participants will study free of charge for 12 months.

Miniature: From Where to Where

Today, the Miniature art is reviving again. Developing and changing by flowing into a different medium. We will be waiting for you at our event, where we will speak with three experts on ‘from where to where the miniature art is evolving’.

From Exhibition Culture to Biennials

Following the path from exhibition culture to biennials, in coming days we will witness how classical arts, for the first time in the world will take place at the Yeditepe Biennial. You are invited to our event to view the presentations of this field`s experts.

Mosque Architecture: From Where to Where?

We wait for you at our upcoming event, where we intend to exchange opinions about the contemporary architectural discussions regarding architecture of mosques, and the place of the culture-meaning in our world today.


Abdül Hamid II been primarily talked about constantly from many political point of views, however, maybe for the first time in our event, he will be individually discussed in terms of art.

The Future and Importance of Design in Human Life

To what extent will we use the design in the future? What is innovation and entrepreneurship? How to be entrepreneurial and innovative? What is the relationship of design between innovation and entrepreneurship? We look forward to see you at this event, where in search of knowledge, together we will look for answers to many more questions regarding this subject.

Visual Communication and Socio-cultural Effects of Advertising

With this event we aim to question the codes of graphic-design and advertising industry and examine socio-cultural appearances of these two fields that are reflected on every part of our lives. Date:18 Feb, 2017 Time: 11:00-14:00

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