School of Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art (Basic-Intermediate Level)

Geometric patterns from scrolls of medieval architects

Level: Basic / Intermediate

Program Summary:

In this course we will cover methods of designing geometric patterns from the scrolls of architects from medieval and later times. We will look mostly into the scrolls of architects from Central Asia, especially the scrolls from Bukhara and Samarkand. Some patterns from the Topkapi scroll and Mirza Akbar scrolls will be also covered. Many, but not all, patterns in this course were not presented in any of the past courses at the Istanbul Design Center.

Tools and materials – usually IDC provides all drawing tools and materials for the registered course participants. However you may feel more comfortable if you decide to use your favorite drawing tools and paper. Thus consider bringing with you your own drawing set (A2 or larger), your favorite tools and selection of good quality A2 papers.

Program Schedule:

23-27 September, 2019 from 10:00 - 16:00 daily.

Participants: architects, mathematics teachers and students, artists, and those interested in this subject.

Course language: English, with translation into Turkish for those who is in need.

Miroslaw Majewski

(Prof. Dr) is a former Professor of the New York Institute of Technology. Currently, Professor Emeritus of NYIT. Many years of research in the geometry of art and technology for mathematics. Author of numerous books and publications (many of them related to the geometry of patterns). Designer of many geometric patterns – some are reconstructions of well-known patterns, and some of them are entirely new.