Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art (foundational-level)

Foundation course on fourfold and six fold patterns.

The workshop will focus on the fundamental concepts of proportion and relations between different patterns.

Throughout the course you will learn the traditional and inherited techniques handed down by successive generations of craftsmen. The course will be stretched over eight weeks, and one session of three hours every week.

The course will cover the following topics:

1. The differences between the major symmetry systems in the Geometric Patterns.

2. The importance of proportions and angles in each type of geometric symmetry systems.

3. In each session, participants will receive a hand out (small booklet) covering the topics discussed in that session. This will provide the participants with a permanent reference for their work.

4. The booklets will include instructions on how to use the tools needed and very clear step by step pattern construction method.

5. Participants will learn how to read technical drawings, which is essential for practicing Islamic Geometric Art. This skill will give the participants the ability to read and decipher any pattern.

6. The course will cover wide selection of fourfold and six fold patterns found across the Islamic world.

7. All participants are expected to bring their own tools, i.e. good compass, ruler and A3 paper pad.

The course language: English with Turkish translation.

Participants: architects, mathematics teachers and students, artists.

Workshop Schedule

Workshop Date : 15 June - 03 August 2019

Workshop Day and Time : Saturday / 13.30 - 16.30

Workshop Time : 8 Weeks (24 hours)

Mohamad Aljanabi

Born in Iraq, and became interested in Islamic Geometric Patterns at a very early age by learning this form of art from his father, who was one of the old masters of this art in Baghdad. Mohamad has more than fifty two years of experience in the field of the Geometric Pattern Art. Studied architecture in the United Kingdom; Several of his exhibitions held in British Universities under the title of “Islamic Heritage to the World”; Founder and director of his own construction company; Worked as IT instructor at “ORCA Human Resources”; Founder and administrator of “Geometric Pattern School / Geometrik Desenler Okulu” group on Facebook; Currently retired and in the process of writing a book on Islamic Geometric Pattern.